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Astrological Houses

The Astrological Houses

astrological houses

The Astrological Houses

I am sure that you know there are twelve signs of the zodiac and there are also twelve houses of the zodiac.To make the houses a little more understandable I will give a short and somewhat simple description. Here goes…

The twelve houses are arranged in a circle with the first house always located at 9 o’clock. The rest of the houses go counter clockwise around the circle ending at the twelfth house. The first house is also called the Rising sign because it is situated on the horizon at the time and location of your birth. The twelve houses and the twelve signs share symbolism so lets talk a little about what each house represents.


astrological houses


House                                       Sign                                                      Planet


1st                                             Aries                                                       Mars

Represents the self and one’s individual fate


2nd                                             Taurus                                                    Venus

Represents material possessions, money and what we value


3rd                                               Gemini                                                  Mercury

Represents all communication including writing,talking and mental quickness


4th                                               Cancer                                                   Moon

Represents home and family especially parent-child relationships


5th                                              Leo                                                         Sun

Represents creativity and self expression. It also represents romance and affection


6th                                               Virgo                                                     Mercury

Represents health and well being and service to others. It also represents overcoming life’s obstacles


7th                                              Libra                                                       Venus

Represents all of our relationships including marriage and business. It represents how well we fit into the world around us.


8th                                               Scorpio                                                 Pluto

Represents sexuality and deep relationships. It also represents rebirth,occult and magic


9th                                               Sagittarius                                           Jupiter

Represents all learning both mental and spiritual. It also represents long term travel


10th                                             Capricorn                                             Saturn

Represents all the aspects of the career. It also represents taking responsibility for your actions.


11th                                             Aquarius                                             Uranus

Represents friendship and the roles we play among the people we love. It also represents our hopes and happiness


12th                                             Pisces                                                   Neptune

Represents all things beyond the physical realm. It also represents the hidden elements of life and the healing after a long period of suffering.



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