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Reading Tea Leaves

Tasseography Unlock Secret of Tea Leaf Readings

Reading Tea Leaves

What if we told you, you could start off each day by telling your own future while you enjoy your breakfast? The art of Tasseography, sometimes referred to as tasseomancy or tassology, makes that possible. Don’t worry if you aren’t very gifted in the art of divination. Tea Leave reading is a fortune-telling method that is not very difficult, and is a lot of fun. If you aren’t a tea drinker you can even learn this art using coffee!

What you need

supplies for Tasseography

To start you will need loose-leaf tea, or coffee grounds from French pressed or Turkish style coffee.  Smaller leaves are easier to read. You will also need hot water and a teacup. While traditionally done in a handleless teacup the outside of the cup is not as important as its interior. You will want a wide, shallow cup with sloping sides, this is why you need a teacup not a coffee mug. The cup should also be white or pale on the inside so that it is easier to see and interpret the leaves.

Tasseography Preparation

Tasseography Preparation

If your house is particularly hectic in the mornings you will need to prepare a comfortable and quiet space for your reading. If you are comfortable on your couch or bed, or a bench by the window that is fine. The space should be comfortable to you. Remove anything that may distract you. Also turn off all electronics in the area. Make sure you have a small table to sit by. You can also say a prayer and light a blessed candle in the area to ward off any bad energy before you begin your reading.

The tea

Use your chosen variety of loose leaf tea and avoid using a strainer when pouring from the teapot to the cup. If you are making it without a tea pot then simply add the leaves directly to the cup before adding hot water. Enjoy your tea, in your prepared space, as you usually would. As you near the end swirl the last of the liquid around in the cup a few times. At this point you can either choose to finish the tea yourself or pour it out.

Reading the Leaves

Reading Tea Leaves

Since you are doing your own reading you are both the seer and the sitter. You will need to do both roles simultaneously. As a seer you will need to reverently appeal to the oracle of your faith for guidance or your future destiny. With the handle of the cup facing yourself concentrate upon the cup. The cup is divided into three parts. The rim designates the present. The sides of the cup are events that are about to come to pass. Finally the bottom is the distant future.

reading tea leaves

Take notice of anything that immediately jumps out at you. If nothing does then you would read the leaves as you would looking at a Rorschach test. For example you may see a dog, which could represent loyalty, and a letter. If they are on the side of the cup it could mean that a friend of yours whose name begins with the letter needs your help. It could also mean they will test the loyalty of your friendship in the near future. If you are unable to deduce the meaning of the images seen in your cup you can consult with a dream dictionary for the imagery’s interpretation.

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  1. I never tried reading tea leaves due to the fact I could never understand what certain shapes and positions of the leaves mean. But I may try to, do to the fact that now I have learned that I can use a dream dictionary to help a bit.

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