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Tuesday’s Tarot for Beginners – Querying the Cards

Welcome back to our Tarot for beginners Tuesdays! You now know about the fools journey and have a basic understanding of the cards themselves. You have even practiced a few different types of spreads. But what are you asking the cards? Having clear questions in mind as you consult your deck is paramount to having a successful tarot reading.

‘How…?’, ‘What…?’ and ‘Why…?’ tend to be the most useful types of questions to ask the tarot. Here are a few suggestions to help you get going:

What energy do I need to focus on or be aware of in order to be successful today?

What do I need to know/see/understand right now?

Where can I find the drive to overcome a problem I’m dealing with?

What will help me feel more at peace?


How can I express myself creatively this week?

What should I be aware of if I take my planned course of action?

What area of my life needs the most attention right now?

How can I be more supportive to a friend who needs me?

What is standing in the way of my achieving my goals?

Why is the current course of action not bringing the desired results?


What can I do to take better care of myself today?

How can I be more powerful and effective in my life right now?

What is my biggest block at the moment?

It’s important to remember that all cards regardless of whether they appear “negative” or “positive” have a positive side to them. Make sure that once you have pulled the cards to answer your questions you really take the time to meditate on their answers for you. Your perspective on the card regarding your question is just as important as the card itself.


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