Tarot Tips: Court Cards – The Queens

The Royal Arcana requires us to use our intuition more than any other class of cards in the Tarot because of their variability.

The next few Tarot Tips articles will help ensure that understanding the court cards does not have to be as difficult as it may seem.

The key to unlocking the wisdom and knowledge held within the Court Cards, is to embrace their variability and let the cards speak for themselves.

Today’s Tarot Tips will focus on the Queens.

Queens are the opposite and complementary partner of the Kings, her card is the Yang to the Kings Yin.


The Queen of Cups

Kingdom of Cups deals with matters of the heart, emotion, intuition, love and feeling.

So when we pull the Queen of Cups, she speaks softly to our emotions in matters of the heart. Upright refers to emotional security and compassion, reversed insecurity and codependency.

The Queen of Pentacles

Kingdom of Pentacles is a material world dealing with money, vocation, home and health.

When the Queen of Pentacles is pulled, she is appealing to us with her insightful domestic and business sense.

In her upright position, her key words are motherly and security, reversed indicates an imbalance in work or family.

The Queen of Swords

The Kingdom of Swords challenges us to duel with our communication, thoughts and mental pursuits.


The Queen of Swords indicates a sharpness and clarity in our thoughts and conflict resolution. Upright refers to quick thinking and independence, reversed to being overly emotional and cold hearted.

The Queen of Wands

The Kingdom of Wands waves magic to our awareness and deals with creativity, spirituality, inspiration and social connections. She is the belle of the ball, socializing with us about deeper personal connections, intuiting spiritual connections and she will conjure our creative juices to flow. When revealed upright she refers to warmth and determination, reversed refers to aggressiveness.

Pulling a Queen in your Tarot Reading can represent a specific person in your life. Queens can represent our mothers, grandmothers, female mentors, or any other adult female who has a major influence in your life.

This noblewoman typically cares very deeply for you, and the motivations behind her behavior are prompted by a deep need to nurture, guide protect and love you.




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