Tarot Tips: Court Cards – The Pages

For our final article on Court Cards in our Tarot Tips Series, we’re going to look at the Page cards. As with all tarot cards, the meaning of the Page cards will vary dependent on the suit. Pages all represent a playful spirit holding no harm or threat. Pages tend to be representative of the people in your life who bring you comfort. Pages can refer to a best friend or favorite sibling.

Page of Cups

Since the Cup Cards all deal with matters of the emotion, intuition, and feelings- When we draw the Page of Cups it signifies the coming of love, a growth in perception, or an evolution in emotional understanding. If a reading suggests this card is referring to traits within yourself it could signify emotional vulnerabilities.

Page of Pentacles

In the material world of work, finances, home, and health- The Page of Pentacles signifies news related to financial matters and/or guidance on domestic issues. If you often find yourself having financial troubles and you’re revealing this card during a reading, it could indicate that you need to work on your approach to financial responsibility.

Page of Swords

The suit of swords challenges the balance of our thoughts. This can refer to mental challenges we’re faced with and the desire for effective communication. The Page of Swords can signify the “light bulb” or mental break-through for your intellectual pursuits.

Page of Wands

The spiritually aware and inspired Page of Wands will usher in bursts of creativity and ideas for using your deeper spirit to communicate higher meaning to all those in your sphere of influence. The Page of Wands in the present position suggests thinking differently, or outside the box.


During a Tarot Reading utilizing the Court Cards, one should keep in mind that a drawing of The Page Cards can be representative of a person in your life or traits within yourself. The showing of the Pages is often representative of the blossoming of personality traits. Drawing Pages can suggest the need to nurture one’s self and personality traits to allow for a healthy and positive maturing journey.


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