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Knights Of Tarot

Tarot Tips: Court Cards – The Knights

knights of tarot

Welcome back to our Tarot Tips series. These articles are here to help make the Court Cards easier to understand. If you ever find yourself confused during a reading involving court cards you can always check back use these tips as a reference. It’s always a good idea to go back to the basics and remind yourself that the court cards represent people and their personalities.

In this article, we are going to look at the Knight cards. Knight cards represent a younger person in your life. It is rare for a knight card to be representative of a female, they predominantly represent a strong-willed younger male, who is a driving force in your life. Think of your “knight in shining armor.” The big brother or protector in your life.

Knight of Cups

knight of cups tarot card


The realm of cups deals with matters of the emotion, intuition and feelings. So, when we pull the knight of cups we’re conquering the heart, and charging matters of love head-on. Think of who makes your heart skip a beat, or who fills your mind with romantic thoughts.

Knight of Pentacles

knight of pentacles tarot card

The domain of pentacles is a material world dealing with work, money, home and health. The Knight of Pentacles will auger strategy and demand battle plans drawn in matters of financial planning and home life. When dealing with the Knight of Pentacles think of who demands strategy and action in your daily life.

Knight of Swords

Knight of Swords

The area of swords challenges points to the balance of our thoughts. mental challenges were faced with and effective communication. The knight of swords is in his element, battling the daily conflict of the mind. This person in your life will be calculating, with strong mental control.

Knight of Wands

Knight of Wands

The land of wands caters to our awareness of spirituality, inspiration and social settings. Therefore the Knight of Wands struggles to find temperance between his hot-blooded nature and his philosophical, creative urges. When you reveal the Knight of Wands during a tarot reading, consider who ignites your creativity, or social activism.

Now that we know more about Tarot interpretations of Knights, we know we’re dealing with a driven personality. Depending on the suit in which the Knight is pulled, we become better equipped to communicate with this person the Knight card represents.