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Tarot for beginners

Tarot for Beginners – Simple Spreads

If you feel you have gotten comfortable enough with your cards and knowledge to move past one card pulls and meditations, we have some perfect spreads for beginner tarot readers for this weeks tarot for beginners. 

Two Card Spread

Your one card spread has been a situation card pull. The best way to start working towards a 10 card spread is by simply adding an Advice card to your daily one-card draw. If the first card explains the overall situation, the Advice card offers you a plan of action for moving forward. You could also a Challenge card instead of an advice card. The Challenge card gives you insight on the things that might trip you up in correlation with the situation card.

Once you are more proficient with your tarot you will find many more helpful spreads, however if you are just working towards comfort and yes or no spread is another two card spread for beginners. While it’s generally not that helpful to ask the tarot a yes-or-no question, a two-card spread can help you explore the consequences of saying yes or saying no to something in your life. For example, let’s say you want to ask, “Should I confront my friend about a recent situation that upset me?” The tarot can’t really tell you whether you should or not, but it can help you consider your options.

Four Card Spread


If you would like to work with more than just two cards to help develop your understanding of the cards in relationship to each other the past present future advice spread is a great spread for this. When looking into the future, always have a clear timeframe in mind before shuffling. The narrower the time set, the more specific the answer generally is! Your accuracy in reading the past can be an interesting guide as to how your card tarot reading skills are developing.

Remember to journal your answers as you develop your relationship with your cards this is a very useful tool.


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