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Tarot cards that signal a relationship problem

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Have you been having problems in your relationship? Do you want to know what it possibly means? Tarot cards can help you determine what is going on specifically in your relationship. Certain cards can relate to this topic. Usually tarot card readers will take you and your spouse and put you both on opposite sides, and then whatever is “between you” will be in the middle row of cards. These cards include the follow:

II of Pentacles
This card almost always represents someone being a “cheater” in the relationship. The card shows an acrobat figure juggling two disks in an infinity sign. This indicates that your significant other is having more then one relationship at the same time.

III Of Swords

The one Tarot card that says unfaithfulness more than any other is the III of Swords. In classic decks, it shows a heart pierced by three swords. It means a love triangle and betrayal. If it comes up on your lover’s side of the reading he or she is most likely cheating or thinking of it. If it comes up with a Face Card, such as a King or Queen then that is an indication of who the other love interest is. Very occasionally it can mean his or her heart is “divided” in some other way.

These are just two of the cards that symbol relationship problems, which in my opinion are two of the worst cards for a relationship that can come up! So if you’re thinking that something is going on in your relationship time to go get a tarot card reading with your partner and find out for sure!