Talking to Your Kids about Psychic Abilities

With kids home from school across the country it is inevitable that they will have questions about every aspect of your life. This means they may of course also question intuition and other psychic abilities. We have some advice if you are unsure how to share these parts of your life with them. Start small, for example explain intuition and precognition to them.

Answering their question with questions may often seem counterproductive, but in this case, it may be one of the best ways to help them understand. What does your heart want? If you could wave a magic wand, what would you create today? What’s your favorite thing about that? What would that be like? You must self-manage your need to fix, rescue or advise, give them a chance to get curious and to key into their own potential. Encourage them to look within and connect to their feelings and knowing.

Just what intuition is or where it comes from remains a mystery. It is our ability to know or sense something coming or changing. There are different theories. Some scientists argue that intuition is something that comes when we have learned a great deal about a topic, incubated the idea, shifted our attention to something else, and then experienced a kind of “aha” moment. The best way to invite children into their intuition is by modeling intuitive living yourself. It is important to be aware of how much room you create for your own intuitive insight and how freely you act on it in your day to day life. When you don’t listen to your intuition it impacts your well-being which then impacts your children. By modeling intuitive living, you automatically invite children to do the same.

Children who engage their intuition and make self-affirming choices do not need us to teach them anything. They are already doing it. However, children who demonstrate a lack of self-worth or trust in themselves may benefit from us affirming their inner wisdom. You can gently remind them that they are wise souls with an inner guidance system. You can point them to look within for their inner guidance instead of giving their power to others. And you can teach them that intuition is a resource that supports the love and care of Self and humanity, and that when choices are made from intuition it serves the greater whole.

Remember that children are amazing imitators, so give them great things to imitate while the world outside seems a little off balance.


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