Take Advantage of Quarantine and Learn to Read your Astrology Chart

Reading your own birth chart is a great way to get to know the cosmic version of yourself that goes far beyond the surface-level description of your sun sign. While consulting a professional astrologer is the best way to get the inside scoop on your birth chart and its many unique complexities, there is still lots of astrological knowledge you can gain on your own by simply using the internet as a tool. If you want the full picture of your astrological self, then diving into the cosmic goldmine of information that is your birth chart is a must. So, while you have the extra time we are here to help you dig beneath the surface of both astrology and yourself.

What you need

Your birth chart is based on the time, birth date, and location of birth, so no two will ever be the same. Your time of birth is required in order to draw up an accurate birth chart. You will then need to calculate your chart using your birth date time and location.

The Signs of the Zodiac

The first must-know element of your birth chart is the zodiac. You will quickly learn that don’t just have one sign influencing you, all twelve signs are incorporated in your birth chart, and they all carry an influence over different parts of your life. You probably already know your sun sign, but you will also need to know your moon and rising sign too. As you examine your chart, you’ll want to look at two things about the planets to start with: what sign they’re in, and what house they’re in.

The 12 Houses

Each of the 12 houses signifies a part of your life and yourself. The first house represents your basic sense of self and identity, the twelfth and final house represents spiritual expansion and higher consciousness. So it is important to do some research on each house until you have a basic understanding to help you while you study your chart. When examining your houses, look at which sign the cusp, this is the line that designates where the house begins, falls into. This is the sign that governs said house in your chart.

The 5 Major Aspects

Aspects are simply labels for different angles between the planets in your chart, and you can figure them out based on the planetary degrees. There are many different aspects that planets can form, but the five major aspects are conjunctions (0° apart), sextiles (60° apart), trines (120° apart), squares (90° apart), and oppositions (180° apart). Aspects tell us whether planets are getting along — or stirring up some cosmic drama.


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