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Superstitions with Snow

Snow is often associated with superstitions because it is a phenomenon that is largely outside of our control, making it mysterious and unpredictable. In many cultures, snow can be seen as a force that can bring both good and bad luck depending on the context. People tend to create superstitions to give themselves a sense of hope and control during uncertain times.

If you sweep snow into the house, it will bring bad luck to the household

If you cross paths with a snowman, you will have bad luck

Spitting on snow is said to bring bad luck

If it snows on Thursday, it ensures a prosperous year ahead

Placing an apple in a snowman’s mouth will bring good fortune


If a snowball melts in your pocket, it is said to bring you good luck

If snowflakes fall on a baby’s face, it is said to bring its own luck and longevity

It is bad luck to sleep with a broom under your bed while it’s snowing as it will bring bad luck.

The sight of an animal such as a rabbit stepping in snow three times means snow is on its way.

An old superstition in Scotland claims that when the flakes of snow are triangular, a cold winter is certain.

If you jump over a snowbank, bad luck and cold weather will follow.


Staring at a snowflake brings bad luck.

Good luck will come to those who throw a handful of snow into the fire.

If a snowflake lands on your nose, it means good luck.

You shouldn’t throw snowballs at a house as it invites bad luck into the home.



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