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People Celebrate Supermoon

Supermoon schedule 2016

People celebrate supermoon

This year will be finishing out with supermoons instead of regular full moons. The first and most super of these supermoons will rise November 14th. So what are supermoons? What does this mean for you? And when are the others?

What is a Supermoon?

what is a supermoon

As the moon orbits the Earth elliptically, at certain times it passes closer to us than others. Its closest point in its orbit it’s called perigee. When the moon is at perigee it appears about 30 percent brighter and 12 percent larger than when it is at apogee. Apogee is its farthest point. Richard Nolle coined the term supermoon in an article published in Horoscope magazine back in 1979. Prior to that astronomers referred to supermoons as perigee-syzygy.

supermoon in trees
What significance does a Supermoon have?

Astrologically speaking a supermoon is a strengthened new or full moon. This means it brings the same potential of natural disasters and emotional disturbances associated with the full moon on an intensified scale. For example Hurricane Katrina that devastated New Orleans back in 2005 was accompanied by a supermoon. Just as the moon rules the tides it also plays a part in emotions, so moods can suffer extreme swings. Laughing and crying will come more easily. Be prepared for the emotional storms that will roll in and out like the tides during these supermoons. Take advantage of these opportunities to explore your feelings and learn to develop better patience, understanding and emotional control. Revel in the floods of joy and love, and learn to ride out the turbulence of frustration and sadness.

moon orbits earth
When will the Supermoons occur?

Yesterday- November 14th 13:52 UTC- This supermoon was especially super because it is the first supermoon to be completely full and at its closest point in its orbit since 1948. It also will not be this close while full again until 2034.

If you missed the supermoon last night do not fret! December 14th 00:05 UTC– The final supermoon of the year will be remarkable on its own. It is expected to be so bright that the moonlight will reduce the visibility of the Geminid meteor shower. The Geminids are usually a stunning and dynamic astronomical display. However this year sky watchers will be lucky to see as many as only 12 Geminids per hour at the showers peak.