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Stress Relief tips by Astrological Sign

stress and moon astrology

Mistress Moon has a direct impact on our emotional stability. It follows logically then that our sun signs have a direct connection with the shifting phases of our moods. If you find you are often a victim of stress in your everyday life here are some measures you can incorporate to feel more balanced based on your astrological sign.


Aquarius and stress

Spontaneous Aquarians may find and impromptu gathering with friends as a great way to let off some steam. The humanitarian traits most Aquarians have may also make volunteering for a cause near and dear to them also provides a great way to DE-stress. Since you also appreciate technology plugging in to your favorite video game will also grant you some peace of mind.


Keep your love of physical activity in mind when stressed. Take action and do something physical, bonus points if it’s competitive. A tennis match or a pickup game are great ways to release some stress. If you don’t have anyone available to compete with you may even find solace in just watching a sporting competition.

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cancer and stress

Cancers like to hide inside their shells when overwhelmed with any emotion. Consider a beach day, or even a lake or river if you’re landlocked. If you don’t have the ability to find your way to a body of water try cooking out that stress. Baking some cookies is a great way to cool down, plus you’ll have snacks after!


Considering your practicality it should come as no surprise that you are well equipped for dealing with stressful situations. However don’t forget to take a break every once in a while to recharge. A hiking or museum trip can be a great escape providing an opportunity to relax.


Mentally oriented Gemini’s need stimulation even when you are stressed. Consider a change of scenery, like a day trip sightseeing to occupy your mind with something else. If you can’t find time to get away try a new coffee shop or even a puzzle book.

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While you may want to hide away from your worries Leos shouldn’t be alone when they are stressed. Socializing will help you relax. Unwind with a dinner and dancing date with some friends. Or get all dressed up for a night on the town and go see a new movie.


The social butterflies of the sun signs you will find yourself turning to your partner in troubled times. Consider a relaxing get away with a loved one like a spa day. Or even a walk in the park with a listening ear will do wonders to help you unwind.


Pisces and stress

Pisces need to escape their stress. A trip to a hotel with a pool or hot tub will be perfect for you. If you can’t find time to get away go try a pedicure. If neither of those will work for you immerse yourself in an artistic endeavor to melt the stress away.

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Sitting still doesn’t sit well with a Sagittarius. So get up and get out. Go for a walk or hit the gym. If you don’t have a gym membership take a walk around your local zoo and let the animals and activity sooth your soul. Check in on April the giraffe while you’re there.


Scorpio and stess

The opposite of Sagittarius Scorpios like to be alone when overwhelmed. Spend some time alone meditating to ease your troubled mind. If meditation doesn’t come easy to you find a quite space and a new book to lose yourself in.


Bullheaded Taurus probably have their own ways to distress already figured out and rarely deviate from them. Often a safe space just sitting alone watching TV or listening to music will help a Taurus DE-stress. The more comfortable and cozy you can make the space the better, and don’t forget the snacks!

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Virgo and stress

Always practical Virgo can find comfort in the chaos by organizing things around the house. Clean out the clutter while you release the stress. Treat yourself to some new storage solutions for an extra special stress reliever.

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Numerology: Ruling Number 1 Compatibility Guide

Most people are curious to know if they are compatible with someone else. It can be our significant other, boss, friend or family member.

We find this out by reducing our ruling number to a single digit. Remember: our Ruling Number (aka Life Path Number) is our complete birthdate reduced to a single digit. As long as you know the person’s Ruling Number you are ready for some interesting info. There are many combinations to finding compatibility so over the next few blogs I’ll break the numbers down individually.

Our first number, of course, is 1.

We will explore number one with the rest of the numbers 2 through 9.

Ruling Number 1 Compatibility:

1 with 1

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Leadership is key with this combination. Since you both are aggressive and both want the same things, working together in harmony is the lesson here.

1 with 2

Number 1 is the leader here and number 2 is the support. This is a winning match because you compliment each other.

1 with 3

With one’s leadership abilities and three’s ability to turn ideas into real success, these two can have an extremely fruitful relationship. If they both stay focused anything can happen.

1 with 4

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Even though ones are strong on leadership they are also strong on impulsiveness. Fours are cautious which can be irritating to a one.

1 with 5

Both of these people are very active and have original minds. They make a great team with the one originating the ideas and the five selling them. They have a great capacity to make a good living together.

1 with 6

People with a number six love art, beauty and the “good life”. The number one person is capable of delivering these luxuries as long as they don’t insist on having their own way all the time. A cooperative effort and this team can do great things.

1 with 7

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These two people can make a spiritual connection. Ones need to give sevens the space needed for privacy and thought. Sevens can help with the impulsivity of ones. Together these numbers can make a powerful team.

1 with 8

Both numbers here are aggressive and used to things going their way. They would have to cooperate or become arch rivals. They can either do great things together or bring ruin to each other.

1 with 9

This is an interesting combination. Nine people have great vision and wisdom while one people are original and inventive. Together they can make for a very successful partnership doing great things.

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Numerology: Power & Master Numbers

This time we are going to talk about the three Power numbers otherwise called the Master numbers 11-22 and 33.

The Master Numbers

We do not break these numbers down to a single digit. We refer to them as 11/2, 22/4, and 33/6 because they contain aspects of their single digit counterpart.


We already talked about how elevens have exceptionally high levels of intuition and spirituality. These are the people who are the guides of mankind. They guide us into lives of compassion and awareness. The eleven also has aspects of the number 2 which includes charisma and leadership. The number two is a duality of intuition and inner conflict. The negative side of this is that not many elevens live up to this great responsibility. They are shy and have a lot of nervous energy. This can give way to fear and self-doubt.

Elevens make great teachers, artistic performers and social workers.


Twenty-two is not only the most powerful of all numbers but the most successful. The number 22 encompasses the all or nothing. Twenty-two’s can become the masters of anything they are committed to or they become lazy drifters. Remember, 22 are double 11 and they have the practical aspects of 4. Four’s express themselves best in the material world. What a great combination! They possess an immense potential to achieve with intense productivity. The number twenty-two is rare occurring in a small percent of the population.

Twenty two’s make great leaders in all aspects of life, artists, diplomats and architects.


The number 33/6 is not concerned with self-advancement. It is all about doing well for mankind. This brings with it great responsibilities and leadership skills. These people are all about serving and helping the largest number of people. The down side of this is their being able to discern where, when and whom to help or they become overwhelmed. Remember, 33 combines 11 and 22 all of which are rare numbers. 33/6 also encompasses the number 6 which is about responsibility especially to others. It also represents a take charge attitude along with loyalty. There are always two sides to every number. The negative side to 33 is to become too focused on your own agenda and to care less of others. People born under 33 make great spiritual leaders, teachers and artists.

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Numerology: An Introduction And Number Meanings

There are many methods that better help us understand ourselves. For many, numerology can be one of the most interesting, logical, and fun. You do not have to be a math geek to enjoy it. Numerology helps to give us a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us.


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