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How To Stop Reincarnation

Can you stop the process of Reincarnation?

How To Stop Reincarnation

If you have ever spoken with anyone who has had a near-death experience they may have told you that they didn’t want to come back to Earth. Many people who have near death experiences say the other side of the veil feels like home. So then is it possible to remain on the other side and not return to earth in this life or the next?

Hidden Senses quote by Albert Einstein

As we pass from one life to the next we take all of the information we have learned with is. This includes our personality and experiences. That means that in your current life cycle you have the ability to learn how to break the cycle of reincarnation so that you do not have to come back to earth again. Then you must take steps to act upon your decision. Ask your spirit guide upon crossing to help you connect to your over soul and make the decision to not come back again.

Leaving cycle of life and death

In order to truly break the cycle of birth and death, you have to awaken to who you truly are. In order to do this, you must move beyond the constraints placed upon you from birth by life experiences. Let go of the false beliefs, gods, and teachings. Do not feed false gods with your worship, blood, or negative emotions and thoughts. Take yourself outside that realm into one of higher consciousness. Break free of that prison and allow yourself to remain free.


Do not let yourself be persuaded to return to the earthly realm to atone for sins or to pay karmic debts. If you do choose to return of your own volition do so and not under a soul contract. Come back on your own terms with the retention of your knowledge as an earthly guide to those still trapped in the cycle. Your true peace will come once you learn that you are a creator and not confined within this cycle. You can then begin to live harmoniously filled with love and light joined in peace with the entire universe.


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  1. This is very deep and it makes me want to really connect somehow with my higher self to find out more and understand. I do think as well my spirit guys can help me as well to know more jut have to connect with them/

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