Quick guide to Star Spread Tarot Cards for a Reading

The Star Spread is an exact formation of cards utilized during a Tarot reading that is designed to answer a very specific question.

A Star Spread should be read as follows- using the placement and following the numerical sequencing to make a five-pointed star (hence the ‘star’ name of this card formation):

Interpreting A Star Formation Tarot Reading

Card 1: The person’s present situation.

Card 2: Conflicts and obstacles to overcome.

Card 3: Challenges and adaptations to be made by the person.

Card 4: The person’s inner strengths.


Card 5: The culmination of all life’s challenges person currently faces.

Card 6:The final take on the person’s overall situation.

This star spread formation and reading formula is great for insight into the specific question or questions a person may want to ask the Tarot cards.

And that’s all you need to get started with your own Star Reading if you have a Tarot card deck handy!

Of course, there is an entire and elaborate history associated with the Tarot Star Readings that we will explore in a future post for those of you with greater interest on the subject.

Star Placement and Order of Tarot Cards




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