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Stair Dreams

Have you been having dreams of stairs? Lifts? Escalators? Are you rather curious about what these dreams mean?


If you look at a staircase they can be twisted all around. In your dream you are going around and around, only to wake up and not have gone anywhere.  So what could this be telling you? Maybe you are feeling lost about something in your life or are on a track to somewhere but you are keeping yourself from reaching it. These dreams may be forcing you to look deeper.


If you are constantly climbing the stairs in your dreams but are going absolutely nowhere, this could mean you are destroying your own efforts in one way or another. It could signify you are putting off the unavoidable. Possibly you are in a relationship and not wanting to deal with a recurring problem, so you keep putting it off.  Or maybe the end of school is near and you destroy your own future because you are afraid of leaving home. These are just a few examples or sabotaging your own self.


These dreams of stairs and staircases are  pushing you to actually pay attention to whats going on and address those issues you might be having. If you don’t- you will just be going in circles and circles around staircases until you do!