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Spooky Psychic Visions

There are many advantages to having psychic abilities. However sometimes those abilities can bring about some pretty creepy things. So stoke your fireplace, grab your pumpkin latte and enjoy these spooky psychic experiences as shared by the people who experienced them.


About 10 years ago, when I was at school, I would walk to my best friend’s house and we would walk to school together. So this one night I have a totally vivid dream that I’m walking round for her for school, and when I look in her front window I see a workman who has hanged himself. I woke up and thought nothing of it other than how bizarre a dream it was. So on the walk to school I started telling my friend the dream and she just stopped and stared at me, and then proceeded to tell me the rest of my dream in detail. She had the same dream about her house, but from her perspective of being in the house when it happened. The details, down to what the guy was wearing and where he did it, were identical. It was so bloody weird. I don’t think I slept over there again! — theregoesmyheroxo


There used to be this cave near where I lived, and people used to be able to climb up inside it. My dad took me there one day, and I told him that I really didn’t like it there and that we should leave. He didn’t believe me, and we ended up climbing into the cave. We only got a short distance into it before I told him I couldn’t go any further and we had to turn around — all with a long line of people behind us. They all had to back out to let me out, and by the time we got back into the open, nobody felt like going back in. When my dad and I got home, his roommate called and asked if we were OK. When my dad asked why, his roommate told him that he was driving past the cave, and it turns out that it collapsed a little while after we left. Luckily, nobody was inside, we think. So I (presumably) saved a bunch of people’s lives. — kameronm42a6b8e47

The Dentist

When I was young, I would pray with my father in a prayer room in our church. One day, when we were getting ready to leave, I stood up, felt everything turn black, and immediately fell into a folding chair in front of me. I was only out for a second or two, but I had a painful dream of being held down to a chair with instruments inside my mouth. I heard voices saying “She’s coming out of it, give her more,” and I started screaming, but everything went black again and I woke up in the prayer room with my nervous father. A year later I had my wisdom teeth taken out and woke up in the middle of the procedure to a lot of pain and nurses holding me down because I was trying to get up. The doctor even said the phrase I’d heard when I fainted in that prayer room. So weird having a ‘vision’ of something that happened a year later. — katelynadeleart


When i was younger, my PaPa (my mom’s dad) had quite a few health issues, so he was in a wheelchair. (Sidenote: my mom always told me that when someone dies and goes to heaven, all of their problems are gone, so my PaPa would, obviously, no longer be in a wheelchair.) When I was four, the night before we found out he had died, I vividly remember having a dream about him. In the dream, he wasn’t in his wheelchair. He walked up the stairs at the back of our house perfectly fine. He told me that he was going away and we wouldn’t see each other for a long time, but I shouldn’t worry, because he was going to be much happier, and not in pain. Then, he gave me a hug and told me to be a good girl for my mom and NaNa. When I woke up, I had the strangest urge to go to his house, which we never do, but I told my mom about the dream. Later that day, my mom told me she had gone to his house, and he’d died while he was sleeping. I still get kind of freaked out when I think of it. — boobear100502

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Numerology: Ruling Number 1 Compatibility Guide

Most people are curious to know if they are compatible with someone else. It can be our significant other, boss, friend or family member.

We find this out by reducing our ruling number to a single digit. Remember: our Ruling Number (aka Life Path Number) is our complete birthdate reduced to a single digit. As long as you know the person’s Ruling Number you are ready for some interesting info. There are many combinations to finding compatibility so over the next few blogs I’ll break the numbers down individually.

Our first number, of course, is 1.

We will explore number one with the rest of the numbers 2 through 9.

Ruling Number 1 Compatibility:

1 with 1

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Leadership is key with this combination. Since you both are aggressive and both want the same things, working together in harmony is the lesson here.

1 with 2

Number 1 is the leader here and number 2 is the support. This is a winning match because you compliment each other.

1 with 3

With one’s leadership abilities and three’s ability to turn ideas into real success, these two can have an extremely fruitful relationship. If they both stay focused anything can happen.

1 with 4

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Even though ones are strong on leadership they are also strong on impulsiveness. Fours are cautious which can be irritating to a one.

1 with 5

Both of these people are very active and have original minds. They make a great team with the one originating the ideas and the five selling them. They have a great capacity to make a good living together.

1 with 6

People with a number six love art, beauty and the “good life”. The number one person is capable of delivering these luxuries as long as they don’t insist on having their own way all the time. A cooperative effort and this team can do great things.

1 with 7

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These two people can make a spiritual connection. Ones need to give sevens the space needed for privacy and thought. Sevens can help with the impulsivity of ones. Together these numbers can make a powerful team.

1 with 8

Both numbers here are aggressive and used to things going their way. They would have to cooperate or become arch rivals. They can either do great things together or bring ruin to each other.

1 with 9

This is an interesting combination. Nine people have great vision and wisdom while one people are original and inventive. Together they can make for a very successful partnership doing great things.

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Number 2 Compatibility

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Numerology: Power & Master Numbers

This time we are going to talk about the three Power numbers otherwise called the Master numbers 11-22 and 33.

The Master Numbers

We do not break these numbers down to a single digit. We refer to them as 11/2, 22/4, and 33/6 because they contain aspects of their single digit counterpart.


We already talked about how elevens have exceptionally high levels of intuition and spirituality. These are the people who are the guides of mankind. They guide us into lives of compassion and awareness. The eleven also has aspects of the number 2 which includes charisma and leadership. The number two is a duality of intuition and inner conflict. The negative side of this is that not many elevens live up to this great responsibility. They are shy and have a lot of nervous energy. This can give way to fear and self-doubt.

Elevens make great teachers, artistic performers and social workers.


Twenty-two is not only the most powerful of all numbers but the most successful. The number 22 encompasses the all or nothing. Twenty-two’s can become the masters of anything they are committed to or they become lazy drifters. Remember, 22 are double 11 and they have the practical aspects of 4. Four’s express themselves best in the material world. What a great combination! They possess an immense potential to achieve with intense productivity. The number twenty-two is rare occurring in a small percent of the population.

Twenty two’s make great leaders in all aspects of life, artists, diplomats and architects.


The number 33/6 is not concerned with self-advancement. It is all about doing well for mankind. This brings with it great responsibilities and leadership skills. These people are all about serving and helping the largest number of people. The down side of this is their being able to discern where, when and whom to help or they become overwhelmed. Remember, 33 combines 11 and 22 all of which are rare numbers. 33/6 also encompasses the number 6 which is about responsibility especially to others. It also represents a take charge attitude along with loyalty. There are always two sides to every number. The negative side to 33 is to become too focused on your own agenda and to care less of others. People born under 33 make great spiritual leaders, teachers and artists.

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Numerology: An Introduction And Number Meanings

There are many methods that better help us understand ourselves. For many, numerology can be one of the most interesting, logical, and fun. You do not have to be a math geek to enjoy it. Numerology helps to give us a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us.


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