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Room Retreat

Enjoy a Spiritual Retreat at Home

room retreat

Summer is drawing to an end. Kids have returned to school, life resumes its hectic pace. If you long for those summer vacations to soothe your spirit but can’t get away during the colder months don’t worry! You can escape to a spiritual retreat from the warmth and comfort of your own home.

Perfect Place

Perfect Place

Build yourself a shrine or comfortable meditation area where you can go every day. Make sure it is a comfortable place for yourself. Candles, meditation music, incense, whatever helps you be most comfortable is a great addition.

Seek Solitude

Find Place of Solitude in your home

You should always set aside time to be alone with yourself every day. Try to remain silent and eliminate any distractions. If you find your mind rambles too much to truly relax in your space try adding soothing music or even an audio guided meditation.

Eat to Enrich

Eat to Enrich your Brain

Eat light during your retreat. Smaller meals more often. Try to focus on foods that feed your mind body and soul. Veggies, nuts, seeds, and dried fruits are great options, fish and other light foods packed with vitamins are also a great choice. Avoid anything heavy, like sauces, spices, fats, and rich foods. Shop for your meals ahead of time to eliminate any unnecessary errands.

Develop a Set Routine

secret of your future

Taking time to plan ahead for what your daily schedule should look like will prevent you from having to worry about it in the moment during your retreat. This will enable you to focus on the moment, as well as bring you a sense of order and calm. Make sure to also set time aside for any household, or family obligations. You should also choose a bedtime and stick to it to make sure you are getting proper rest. During your planning take note of your timing. Do you normally have bills to pay during this period, can you schedule them so you don’t have them on your mind? Take care of as much as possible before you begin your retreat so you can devote your focus to relaxing and reflecting.


Meditate at home

Even if you previously work time to meditate on your daily life during this time you should pay extra attention to your meditations. Make sure you are meditating at least twice a day, preferably morning and evening. You should also increase the duration of your meditation sessions. When you are not meditating keep your awareness in the present while turning you true focus inward. Practicing this during your retreat can make it easy to carry over this state of mindfulness into your everyday life, helping facilitate an atmosphere of peace and calm during the hustle and bustle of your normal routines.