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Spiritual Beings: What Are Fairies?


Perhaps not as well known as some of the most popular spiritual beings, Fairies are often considered one of  ‘nature’s angels’ functioning as angels  on Earth amongst us.

Common interpretations of Fairies can be far-reaching, so we’ll stick with some of the most common recurrent themes for this introduction and delve into more specific Fairy folklore as this series continues in the coming the months.

Where do fairies come from? How is a Fairy born?

This is a fun one! -A new fairy is born every time a new baby laughs for the first time.  And we no there are no shortages of new babies entering the world.


Playful and bold, fairies are often described as brazen, carefree, and generally full of personality.

Fairies have a tendency to hide belongings and play harmless tricks they find amusing.

Fairies much like humans, have both self-esteem and egos. This characteristic can help differentiate between fairies and angels as angels do not have egos.


Most importantly and the biggest take-away from this introduction is the notion that fairies play a role guiding humans and aiding our ambitions through magical powers and playfulness. Through this playfulness, fairies express big personalities that make us laugh and often see the better things in life.  Fairies are thought to keep us both joyous and happy as we pursue our ambitions.

Fairies are also known to have a strong connection to the animal world which is a connection we will explore later posts. Stay tuned for more on fairies.