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Snowy Dream Meaning

When we dream, everything has a meaning. We may not know what the meaning is, but it almost always is certain that it is not literal. Everything we do dream, means something other then what we are actually dreaming about. So, dreaming of snow? Let’s talk about what snowy dreams can mean.


Dreaming of snow could mean you are feeling cold, distant, angry about something. Snow covers things, so it could mean you are keeping a secret that is affecting you.


It’s possible that you are concealing your emotions, and whether or not this is a bad thing, you are emotionally hurting and need time to heal, when snow comes we usually stay inside, we do not go outside, so in your dreams this could mean you are hiding in your emotions. However, not necessarily a bad thing. Take the time for yourself, and heal your emotional state.


Although, it can mean you are emotionally hurting, if the snow is coming down but there is sunshine, or moonlight, in your dream this could mean that you are at peace, your spirit is cleansing.


If after your dreams of snow, you start dreaming of the snow melting, the ice thawing, this could mean that your emotional state is now at ease, you have healed your soul, and spirit and you are ready to move on, take this as a sign that a new beginning is happening.