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Snow Dreams

Snow Dreams

Have you been dreaming of snow? This time of the year, you would think that it would be normal right? Cold weather, snowy days, icy nights. But, dreaming of snow is both positive and negative.  Sometimes, this is the beginning tell tale sign of an illness.

The world is harsh and cold sometimes, so snow dreams can be because of this, if you are dreaming of being in a blizzard with snow all around you, this could symbol that you have a lot of turmoil in your waking life, this also could indicate you have no support from friends or family.  If you are feeling cold, or abandoned by people in your life, and our dreaming of snow, you should try to communicate more effectively with people in your life, this could help your situation.

Snow Dreams

If you are watching snow fall in your dreams, new beginnings may be coming for you. you are feeling great, free spirited, calm and optimistic about new things happening in your life. If the snow is melting in your life, this could mean any problems that have been an issue in your life are slowly melting away, and your new beginnings are shining through.

meaning of Snow Dreams

Dreaming of making snow angels, or building an awesome snow man, could indicate that you need to have some fun and relaxation in your life, you’re working yourself to hard or stressing out, and you need to set aside time to relax yourself and enjoy life again.

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  1. Very interesting, I have been thinking a lot about snow and this year it has not snowed a lot in my city. I always see things as a sign and perhaps I should use this article as a sign to re think things and happenings in my life.

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