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Sage Smudging

Smudging: Practice of Self Cleansing

sage smudging

Ever felt like your energy has been drained? Feeling everything is negative, depressing and you simply have no energy at all?

This can be due to an inactive energy in your field. And before you ask- Your field is your overall emotional, energetic, mental, spiritual and physical body state. Your field also ties into your everyday environment, including your home.


If there is negative energy in your field or within your environment, your mental and psychical state can be affected in many ways. This energy can even manifest as pain, disease, successes, or an abundance or lack of happiness in your life.

Traditional Native American smudge stick burning smoking in a bowl

The art of smudging combats the negativity in your life.  It can clear the negative energies in your field and help you reset.

Smudging is an ancient practice used in various forms by people and cultures throughout the World. The practice generally involves the burning of sacred plants, most commonly sage. The smoke is then allowed to envelop an area to clear and ‘bless’ the environment.

smudge stick burning

The practice has gained popularity in recent years with most people recognizing the method when buying a new house or moving into a new place. You’ll often see people burn sage and go from room to room to cleanse the space from any negative energy left from the previous owners.

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  1. I so love smudging. I think that it just helps me think clearer and more positive and things tend to come my way as well as a result of doing this. I also like to watch other cultures as well smudge to see learn how they do it as well. I think that this really can connect people with spiritual side.

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