Skeptics Who Recount the Experience with a Psychic that Changed their Minds

We all know a non-believer, whether it’s ghosts or psychics or the paranormal in general. There is always someone who is such a strong skeptic that they do not believe at all, despite research and often proof. However more often than you think these skeptics have an experience that completely changes their view. Here are some firsthand accounts from non-believers on reddit that caused them to become believers.

Spinning Chakras

“I went to see Shaman Leah Tenderfoot, she can be googled at a reading party, a fundraiser for a fallen comrade. I had no idea who she was, it was a cold read. She told me some things about past lives which struck deep, but was the type of shit everyone wants to hear…so ehh whatever…even though deep down inside It resonated. She said I have a dead friend from my teens who stuck around to look out for me. Asked me to send him to the light, I did and a balloon popped. Didn’t look like anyone was by it, but i figured it was a bb gun. So then she says she’s gonna read my chakras to see how I need to be healed. Put several crystals down my center and i felt a deep bass drop through my center…. Couldn’t think how she pulled that one off. While trying to figure out wtf that was, i started feeling like i was in a Jacuzzi… Bam chakras appear spinning crazy shit. I was asking for a sign to show me this shit is real… Turned out it was.” – Enviromente

Not About the Money

“My dad came from a very large family. He was the baby of 9 and he was the second to die (he was 40). After we lost him we had no contact with his family except to run into them around town. My mom was really bitter that we were no longer included in family events. Forward to 2012, 2 of my father’s sisters were in 2 separate hospitals dying of cancer. I went to the one who was in the local hospital to see one and just talk about our family. I was talking to my mom and telling her how Aunt Beth was doing and that I planned on going to see my other aunt Jane. My mom seemed pissed and said “Jane doesn’t have any money left!”(she was married and never had children and did acquire a lot of money) I was pissed! To me, this was the closest thing I had left to my dad and she was thinking I was interested in money!! I went to a psychic show at a local restaurant with a friend who had been given the tickets. The place was packed. About 250 people. The psychic was going around the place reading people and he was at the middle of our table and he said to the woman he was reading “where is the Jane? Who has Jane?” He walks up right behind and says “I’m with you, you have the Jane. She knows IT WAS NOT ABOUT THE MONEY!!“ Tears ran down my face.” – drakeNLeo


Divine Intervention

“Earlier this year I saw a psychic in India and it was one of the most profound experiences I’ve had and definitely solidified the concept of mysticism/metaphysics/what have you for me. He read me and two other friends and channeled many things about our lives and our past that were accurate. He talked about our families in great detail and then explained what our life roles were supposed to be and where each of us fit in in the larger scheme of things. He told us about our future and gave us advice on how to achieve our goals.

The psychic then advised me to see a reiki healer to help me. I came home and was randomly advised (ironically… I didn’t even put 2&2 together until my friend who I went to India with mentioned it) to see a certain reiki healer locally and so I did. She has been like a Godsend and I believe the psychic knew that she’d help me. I have had a few sessions with her and each time she gives me personal readings (on top of reiki) and it’s like she can physically assess where I am spiritually and use that information to help my mind & body heal (I had cancer. And btw I was not using reiki in place of medical treatment) via energy. It’s a very strange thing and hard to describe but each time I visit her, she helps me understand what areas in my life I need to focus on in order to create “pure” and healthy energy. It’s been quite a year but definitely believe that these encounters are like Divine intervention.” – pdmishh


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