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Signs A Loved One Is Trying To Contact You

Signs a deceased one is trying to contact you

Signs a loved one is trying to contact you

Feeling like someone is trying to get a hold of you but you can’t actually see them? This may be someone who is deceased trying to get in contact with you.


One sure fire sign of a loved one trying to get in contact from you is seeing a white feather. Normally it will be out of the blue just falling from the sky, but also if one is laying in your pillow that certainly means they are trying to get your attention.

close-up big white feather, isolated on black

Looking at photos that you have taken recently and seeing orbs is another sign. In your photos if a orb like shape is in those photos this is the spirit of your loved one watching over you.


Hearing a song that you and your loved one shared is another sign, whether it be from a passing car, or popping in the radio this is their spirit contacting you.


Seeing butterflies, or meeting them in your dreams are other signs that they are still around you. There are many signs that can determine if your loved ones spirit is around you.