Should you start doing shadow work

Should you start doing Shadow Work

Discovering and owning our shadow is a vital part of our spiritual journey. Our shadow selves can be impulsive, wounded, sad, or isolated it is the inner parts of our spirit that we generally try to ignore. In order to repair, heal, and grow on a mental, emotional, and spiritual level, we need to acknowledge these parts of ourselves and practice Shadow Work. Before you continue on, make sure you have done significant work on self-love and are not struggling with self-esteem, as you inner darkness can cause you to spiral into self-hatred if you do not have a strong sence of self-worth.

What is your shadow

Your shadow is the place within you that contains all of your secrets, repressed feelings, primitive impulses, and parts deemed “unacceptable,” shameful, “sinful” or even “evil.” This dark place lurking within your unconscious mind also contains suppressed and rejected emotions such as rage, jealousy, hatred, greed, deceitfulness, and selfishness. Shadow work is the attempt to uncover everything that we have hidden and every part of us that has been disowned and rejected within our Shadow Selves. Because without revealing to ourselves what we have hidden, we remain burdened with problems such as anger, guilt, shame, disgust, and grief.

Why shadow work is important


Rejecting, suppressing, denying, or disowning your Shadow, whether consciously or unconsciously, is a dangerous thing. The thing about the Shadow Self is that it seeks to be known. It yearns to be understood, explored, and integrated. It craves to be held in awareness. The longer the Shadow stays buried and locked in its jail cell deep within the unconscious, the more it will find opportunities to make you aware of its existence.

Some of the benefits of Shadow work

There is SO much to be gained from making Shadow Work a part of your life, and daily routine. Shadow work can help increase your compassion and understanding for others, while providing more mental, emotional and spiritual clarity. You will find one of the biggest results of shadow work being better relationships with those around you, including your partner and children. You will also develop a deeper love and acceptance of yourself. You may even discover some hidden gifts and talents, as well as a better understanding of your passions and life purpose.

It’s important to remember that there are no quick fixes in Shadow Work, so these life-changing benefits don’t just happen overnight. Shadow work is work, it requires time and persistence, but the blessings in your life are worth the work.



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