Shaping your Workspace into a Sacred Space

When your busy, stressful professional life is taking a toll on your mental or physical health, or the negative energy from a coworker is draining you, your desk can be your sacred space where you can seek refuge from the hardships of your job. To ensure that you spend your days feeling your best even on the job, here are our favorite ways to create wellness in the workplace.

Tidy your Space

Just as uncluttering your desk can help unclutter your mind, cleansing your space can help unclutter your spirit. While organizing the chaos of your desk will have a correspondingly purifying effect on the mind, it’s important to energetically cleanse your desk for the same reason. Clearing the energy after a presentation or after what feels like a particularly long day helps to keep that energy from influencing your current state of mind. Letting that energy sit can mean returning to the same exhausted energy that you left behind the day before. To optimize your energy output, cleanse your space with sage or palo santo regularly. If burning smoke is not allowed at your place of work or you prefer another method of cleansing, a few bundles of fresh sage in water can help remove negative energy from your space.

Increase your Inspiration

Have you instituted the spark joy lifestyle at home? There is no reason it can’t also be applied in small ways at the office. If some small item at home brings you peace, consider relocating its home and purpose to brightening your mood and inspiring you at work. Sometimes you just need to remind yourself how much potential you have. Write yourself some encouraging notes telling you to strive for what you want and live for the moment. Only you know what you most need to hear right now. As you work on incorporating wellness in the workplace, post the notes around your desk so that you can reference them when you need support throughout the day.

Rock Out

By rock we mean Crystals. Use your intuition and feel free to get creative. Remember, this is your sacred space! It should be filled with whatever crystals you’re most attracted to. If you want to add some crystals that are particularly good for wellness in the workplace, however, you may want to sprinkle your desk with amethyst, citrine, blue lace agate and carnelian.


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