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7 Chakra Colors

The Seven Chakras pt 4: Chakra Color Meanings

7 Chakra Colors

In our everyday life we use colors to describe our moods and feelings.

For example:

“I’m so mad I’m seeing red!”

“You look at life through rose colored glasses.”

“Missing my friend makes me feel blue.”

Dorothy, in the Wizard of Oz, followed the yellow brick road to find her way home.

In this blog we are going to travel down the rainbow of colors connected to the seven chakras.

Remember: Color is a wave traveling through space and all the shades of the color are represented.

Red Root Chakra

Red (Root Chakra)– is the color of life (blood). It is our connection to the Earth and our feelings of being grounded.

Orange Sacral Chakra

Orange (Sacral Chakra)– It is everything sensual. It is our “gut” feelings and our creativity.

Yellow Solar Plexus

Yellow (Solar Plexus) – The main energy of yellow is the intellect. It is both optimistic and wise.

Green Heart Chakra

Green (Heart Chakra)– is the color most frequently found in nature. It is the color of healing, balance and peace.

Blue Throat Chakra

Blue (Throat Chakra) – The main energy of blue is communication. It is a guiding energy enabling you do find faith and trust.

Indigo Third Eye Chakra

Indigo (Third Eye Chakra) – This energy is about deep and lasting change. It brings clarity to our senses and awakens us to our greater self.

Violet Crown Chakra

Violet (Crown Chakra) – is pure cosmic energy. It is the energy that connects mystery and mysticism.


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  1. I find that using certain Chakra breathing exercises helps to get the cosmic energy flowing a lot better especially doing really deep meditation practices.

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