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Seeing Beyond this Dimension – The Practice of Eye Gazing Part I

eye gazing into other dimensions

Eye Gazing may sound like some “new-age” trend. In actuality this ancient and powerful practice can be used by anyone. Moreover everyone who practices it will benefit from it. We have all heard the expression eyes are the windows to the soul. So it should come as no surprise that they can be used to see past the layers into the deeper recesses of one’s self. The connection you feel with another person, the view of past lives, and of future potentials, can all become very real while practicing eye gazing.

Here is a rundown of how to go about an eye gazing session.

Regardless of whether you are going to do this alone or with a partner you will need to set out some form of intention. You can start off with simpler intentions like wanting to gain more comfort within yourself, or with you partner. As you become more comfortable with the practice you can work your way up to more advanced intentions such as past live explorations. Just make sure to decide on your intention before you begin. If you are working with a partner make sure you’re both working towards the same type of intention. Once you have decided on your intention close your eyes and quiet your mind. Simply focus on your breathing and try to let go of any expectations.

eye gazing graphic
                                                            Gazing Alone
Generally eye gazing is most powerful when done with a partner, however it can be a great experience if done alone. It can also help you become more confident in the practice. Once your intentions are set and you mind is calmed, sit in front of a mirror. It is best if you do not have to hold the mirror. First notice your eyes, their shape and color. Then as you feel yourself relaxing sense what you feel behind your eyes. You may feel yourself pulled to focus on one eye at a time, choose whichever eye you are drawn to. Allow yourself to just experience what you see beyond the exterior of your eye. If you try to force or search for something you will not find anything. You may notice your face start to blur or fade from the mirror, keep breathing and stay calm. Getting excited when you begin to see something can cause you to lose the image altogether. If this happens do not become frustrated, just begin again.