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Scrying is when you use a crystal ball, or another object, to be able to tell the future. Scrying is also called seeing or peeping. The belief of scrying is that one can look into the crystal ball and see spiritual visions, and fortune-telling.


You can use crystals, stones, glass, glass mirrors, water, fire or smoke. This tactic has been used in many cultures, to see the past, present, or future. Scrying happens, when you look into these objects, and then visions of the spirits, or future happen. Some people however believe that it is in one’s imagination, or their subconscious.


Anyone can use scrying to tell the future, or see spirits. You just have to take the time to practice it, its fairly easy to do. You have to “see” things in the crystal ball,or water, or mirrors, etc. You have to have low lighting, dim your lights, be relaxed, meditate if you have too, you have to be in a very very relaxed state, no tension can be in your body if you want this to work. After you are relaxed, you have to focus on the object that you are looking at. This may take a long period of time, so keep focusing on the object. Take your time, and let your mind wonder and focuse on it, you can even ask the spirits questions.