Saint Patrick’s Day Superstitions

As with all things involving the fay folk superstitions abound, and tricky little leprechauns are no different. We have compiled some of the most upheld traditions of this holiday to make sure you don’t end up collecting the wrong kind of Irish luck.

Kitchen Superstitions

Getting your shirt wet when washing dishes on St. Patrick’s day means that you might end up marrying someone who drinks! Superstition also says if you gift someone a knife on this day that the friendship will be severed. In fact, you should not even hand anyone a knife today as it is believed to attract bad luck between the two of you. If you’ve got to clean in the kitchen avoid dropping the dishtowel. When you drop a dishtowel then it might not only be bad luck but you could also find yourself with an unexpected visitor that’s unexpected. This visitor might bring the bad luck with them. So, be careful when you’re cleaning the kitchen, don’t get wet, or hand off a knife, or drop the towel. Maybe you should just order in to be safe.

Unlucky Locks of Love

Giving a lock of hair is a long running tradition for a loved one. However, there are two things that you don’t do. You do not give a lock of hair to someone you love and you do not accept their lock of hair on St. Patrick’s Day. Superstition has it that this will cause the relationship to end or that the other person won’t love you anymore.

Find the Horseshoe don’t buy it

You must come across horseshoes spontaneously. If you buy one for yourself or for someone else, it might bring back luck to you or to the other person. If you find one on St.Patrick’s day then you know that you’re in for some really good luck.

Don’t forget to wear green and keep your eye out for four leaf clovers. Happy St, Patrick’s Day!



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