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Spirit Guide

Resolve to Effectively Communicate with your Spirit Guide this Year

Spirit Guide

Whether you call it a spirit guide, a guardian angel, or an inner voice, we all have one. They are always with us, nudging and reminding us. Learning to listen and communicate with your spirit guide is an important part of evolving into our best version of ourselves and accomplishing our purpose while on this plain. Here are a few suggestions to help you learn to better hear and communicate with your spirit guide.

Listen with all of your being

Listen To Spirit Guide

Learn to recognize the sound of your spirit guide. Some may whisper, some may shout, and others may communicate in other ways. Each form of communication is unique to you and your spirit guide. Become familiar with how they guide and direct you. Learn to distinguish your own inner will from their guidance. Often you will find that what they want for you is different than what you want for yourself. While it may be difficult to hear your spirit guide will never tell you something you are not ready to hear. They know what you can handle, it simply requires your willingness to follow and take the leap.

Seek Guidance

Seek Spirit Guidance

If you are unfamiliar with your guides they meditating. There are many crystals, such as amethyst, that are associated with the Third Eye Chakra. These crystals will help increase your level of spiritual awareness. While meditating in this higher state of consciousness your gateway to your spirit guide will be strengthened. You can ask your spirit guides to reveal themselves to you. They may choose meditation, or dreams, even messages as their means of these revelations so be sure to be open to them. Use your alone time to seek them out.

Embrace their wisdom

Embrace Spirit wisdom

Each of our paths is ours and ours alone. Listening to your spirit guide will ensure that your journey is an adventure worth having. Follow the steps laid out before you so that you may life up to your true potential. Remember that you may encounter hardships along the way. These tests will sever to show you the full capabilities of your being and will help you evolve into a stronger wiser version of yourself.

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  1. These are very good suggestions. I love them I also have made a commitment to listen to Joanna Garzilli who has a new book coming out and she does give healthy suggestion when it comes to our Spirit Guides and Guardian.

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