Removing Negativity with the Elements

There are many astrological changes taking place in November.  During this time of change, it is important to make sure not to harbor negativity in our auras. Negativity is easily picked up from the environment around you but it is possible to cleanse through vital elements also all around you. Here is how you can utilize four elements to help your vibrations stay positive.


There’s something about connecting with the Earth that provides comfort. Go ahead and spend some time communing with nature during this beautiful time of transition. Take a walk in the woods and appreciate the colors changing all around you, let the leaves and grass pull you in and rid those low vibrations. The Earth has a gravitational pull and a frequency all its own. When you connect with the Earth it can act like a magnet and draw out the negative energy from your aura. Essentially the Earth acts as a grounding rod, but instead of absorbing the energy from a lightning strike, it absorbs those bad vibes hanging out in your aura.


Take a deep breath in…and exhale!

Breathing is a central focal point for almost all forms of healing and balancing. Not only can it help you remove negative energy from your body, but it can also cleanse your aura. The increased lung capacity and oxygenation of your blood with raise your cellular and molecular vibratory rate.

Start by sitting up straight or standing tall. Inhale to the count of four and then exhale to the count of four. Make sure that you are breathing from the diaphragm rather than the chest. You should notice your belly moving up and down if you are performing this correctly. Continue for about five minutes or until you feel a significant change in your body and mood.



Water has long been used to cleanse our bodies and tools. Holy water is perhaps the easiest way to work with this element. Blessing or anointing yourself with it while saying a prayer or invocation can instantly remove negative vibrations from your aura. If you don’t have Holy water, or perhaps your faith doesn’t utilize it, baths and showers can also help you wash away the negativity. While in the water, be sure to visualize those bad vibes going down the drain. If you’re looking for something a little more invigorating, consider taking a trip to the ocean. The negative ions produced by the ocean penetrate the air, creating positive energy so while you are bathing in that purifying water you’re also breathing out the negativity.


Fire is one of the oldest forms of ritual purification. Sacred fires often graced temples and are still used today in the form of candles, firepots and fire bowls.

One of the simplest ways to use fire to clean your aura is the violet flame meditation we covered last month.

However, if you have not mastered that technique yet, real fire can provide the same benefits.

Fall is the perfect time for bonfires!

Whether you choose to sit in front of a fireplace, hang out by a campfire, or simply burn a few candles, spending time near a fire is healing. It will help move stagnant and negative auric energy and transmute it into positive vibrations.




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