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Questions NOT to ask Tarot Cards


Have you ever gone to get a Tarot card reading- Thinking whatever question you decide to ask you will get whatever answer you need? Well, be aware that there are a few questions that you should not ask the Tarot cards. We’ll examine a few instances in today’s blog post.


Lottery Questions

A very common but one question not to ask is, if you will win the lottery. The lottery is totally up to chance, so asking the tarot cards if you will win it will not work out for you. You will basically be wasting this question for an answer that cannot be predicted.


What can Tarot cards tell us?

Tarot cards are really about guiding you in general directions. So asking a question such as, ‘When will I die?’- Really cannot be determined. You cannot be guided to an answer of when you will die, or how long your life will be.


Ask questions that will help you.

Asking about your ex-such as ‘Does he/she despise me or not?’ If you get an answer of ‘yes your ex hates you’, then what?  How will this help your situation? Or help you knowing that your ex really does hate you? Ask the Tarot cards questions that will help you- not dis-empower you. Instead, you CAN ask about how you can improve your relationships.


Inquiring about the lives of others?

Avoid asking any question about a person’s life that is not directly related to yours. For example, ‘Will my boyfriend/girlfriend leave their partner for me?’ This will bring up negativity, privacy issues and accuracy will not be determined. You cannot use the tarot cards for someone else’s life without their permission.

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Avoid ‘Should I take the job?’ Or any other ‘Should I…’ type of question. You need to take responsibility and accountability for your own life and your own decisions. It is better to ask the Tarot, “What is the impact/pros and cons if I take this path?” or “What can I expect if I do XYZ?” That way, you are still making the decision, not the Tarot cards.


What should I ask the Tarot cards?

These are just a few examples of questions you should not ask the Tarot cards. Stick to things that deal with your own life, things that aren’t ‘should I?’ questions. This way you can get an accurate reading on things that can guide you into the right general direction.