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Understanding Through Touch: Psychometry


Psychometry refers to the ability to obtain facts about a person or event by touching inanimate objects that belong to the person or pertaining to the events undergoing exploration.

Psychometry is a great way to develop intuitive gifts, including clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance to name but a few.  Also, this practice will be able to strengthen your abilities and confidence in your medium-ship.

To begin, simply pick up an object that you know has been passed from person to person over time.  This could be something as simple as a key or book.  Allow yourself to fall into a meditative-like state, opening your mind and fully absorbing the vibes given off by the object.  Psychometry is an ability that is developed over time.


Psychometry can be thought of as a method to see histories through touch, that many others cannot or will not see.  Some advisors use a crystal ball or black glass to see visions in a practice known as Scrying. But a psychometrist can see visualize histories through touching everyday objects.

For example, a psychometrist can pick up a hat and gain knowledge about the history of the hat and people that wore it.

A common example- Have you ever picked up an object and felt a certain vibe off of it?  Psychometrists feel this in a more profound way.  They obtain more than just a vibe and some can even begin to understand an entire history of the object. If it’s an old piece that has moved around a lot, a psychometrist can ascertain who owned it, who used it, and other events relating to the object.

If you have an ancient piece in your family history that you would like to know where it came from or who owned it, take it to a psychometrist and see what insight he or she can provide. If you feel like you may psychometric abilities, practice on objects around your house and start to branch out with objects of friends and family.