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Why do psychic readings differ?

Have you ever been to a psychic? They give you details of your life, answer your questions about your past present or future. Sometimes you are wowed by the information they know. But, you then go to another psychic and ask about the same stuff and get an entirely different answer!!! So what could be the cause of different answers between psychics?


Well, every path we come to in our life is essentially our choice in which way we chose to go right? So for example if you go to one physic and ask her if you will be moving to a different state for a new job? She may say yes I see you going to California and taking a new job. Yet you go to a different physic and ask the same question and she says no, you will not be moving to a different state. Neither  one of these psychics is wrong! It essentially is up to you on which path you chose, for instance maybe you will be offered that out of state job, and maybe you will move, or maybe you will get offered a different job where you currently reside and decide to stay!! Therefore each physic reading is potentially right it’s actually up to you to decide which path you chose to go down.


So physics will pick up on the paths that are in store for you, but each physic may pick up on different paths for you and it’s in your hands where your path is going to lead!