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Psychic readings and what to ask

A psychic reading can provide guidance and insight on many different topics, including relationships, career, finances, love, past lives and spiritual growth. It offers a unique perspective on challenges and opportunities in one’s life and can provide a sense of purpose and clarity. Additionally, a psychic reading can help with decision-making, looking for signs and guidance, receiving helpful advice, and improving overall well-being.

-What insights can you provide about my current situation?

-What should I focus on most right now?

-Is there any advice you can give me about how to make the best of this situation?

-What changes can I make to improve my life?

-Can you offer guidance on how to make the best decisions for myself?


-What spiritual guidance can you offer?

-Are there any events in my future that I should be aware of?

-Is there any message of encouragement or guidance that I should pay attention to?

-How can I connect with my higher self and access my own intuition?

-What do my Spirit Guides wish for me to know

-What do my Spirit Guides wish for me to know


-What to ask your psychic in a general manner to get the best results

Ask for general advice rather than specific predictions:

1-Ask the psychic to explain their experience and approach.

2-Ask how you can apply the knowledge received from a reading in your daily life.

3-Ask for guidance and direction rather than a forecast about the future.

4-Ask what you should focus on and what actions you should take to reach your desired outcome.


5-Ask how you can use your spiritual gifts to reach your goals.

6-Ask how things are energy-wise in the greater context of your life.

7-Ask how to stay focused on manifesting your desires.

8-Ask the psychic to explain how they interpret the energies surrounding you.

9-Ask how best to interpret a dream or image you have seen during meditation or a reading.


How to end your psychic reading with your psychic:

A client may end a psychic reading by thanking the psychic and expressing their appreciation for the reading. They may also ask any questions they have so that the psychic can provide any additional guidance or information. Finally, they may express gratitude and appreciation for the experience and wish the psychic luck.


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