Psychic Protection and Shielding

While developing your psychic abilities it is imperative that you also learn how to adequately protect yourself. It is important to keep in mind that psychic work leaves you open to many negative emotions from both the physical and spirit worlds. While you cannot avoid them completely, you can learn to protect yourself from many of the unwanted ones. If you have a hard time being in large crowds, or are often uncomfortable but find yourself unable to identify the cause, these suggestions should be a great place to start better protecting yourself on a daily basis.


It is of utmost importance that you stay physically, emotionally, and spiritually healthy. Just as when your immune system is weakened if you aren’t eating and sleeping properly, your mind will be weakened also. If you are weak in any of these 3 areas you open yourself up to mental illness and depression.


Focus on personal grounding. Meditation, especially those that incorporate chakras are greatly beneficial here. Balanced and properly aligned chakras are a key part in keeping your aura health and protected.


You mind is one of your most powerful tools. Use it to visualize and strengthen your shield. Try visualizing your body being showered with a white light. Trust that the white light is your protection, emotionally guarding you from the negative energies and feelings around you. You can also visualize your own aura glowing bright blue. The bright blue is your positive emotions of morality, good, and love. The brighter your aura glows the less room there is for any opposing energies.

Ask for help

We all have spirit guides for a reason. You can call upon your spirit guides, angels, and Gods or Goddesses for protection. With their aid or intervention you will be even more empowered and shielded from any psychic attacks, or negative attachments.


If you are dealing with more targeted attacks you will need to seek out more direct means of protection. There are many resources that can be utilized such as salt circles and stones. These tips are just for protecting yourself during regular day to day activities.


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