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Psychic Insight into your Halloween Costumes

Halloween costume psychic meanings

Halloween brings many people together and some take their costumes very seriously, spending tons of time picking out or making the perfect costume. Others just like to dress up and have fun. Now- delving into the psychic aspect of what a person’s costume really says about them, can show tell us a lot.

doctor costume

A person’s energy can come across in what they are wearing as their costume.  When going out on Halloween it is easier to strike up a conversation with someone by talking about their costume. But, you have to dig deep into your psychic abilities to see what his or her persona really is trying to say.

swat costume

For instance, someone dressed as a werewolf may be yearning for a physical connection. Can you tune into your animal instinct? Or a person dressed as a vampire may really mean he or she has a need for elegance- So if you like the good things in life you may be attracted to a guy or gal dressed as a vampire.

werewolf Halloween

Anyone dressed as someone with status- a lawyer, doctor, etc which combines their status with intellectual power- these folks may be seeking a physical companionship and love life.


When meeting new people on Halloween, make sure you are paying attention to your psychic abilities and you may just find your soulmate out there.

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  1. I like Halloween due to the fact that I can be any one I want to be and it holds power to if for sure. I love when I see someone and they put a lot of energy in to there costume very much a big turn on and can feel their energy as well. I love it.

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