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Psychic Grounding


Grounding is your energy being grounded to earth.

Some say if you are not grounded you will feel dizzy, light headed, spaced out, off balance, and can just not feel like yourself.


Before you start to do any psychic work, it is important that you ground and protect
yourself. If you are not grounded and are doing psychic work you cannot protect yourself from any negativity that comes your way.

Light steps

In order to ground yourself from these negative energies, you will have to do something to ground yourself, this includes doing a meditation ritual


You have to form a great connection to the Earth.

in order to do this through meditation you have to find a nice quiet place, and think about a tree trunk with its roots coming up through your body, follow it up and back down. Imagine the roots flowing through your body and back down towards the earth, then you will be grounded to the Earth.