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Psychic Empath

Have you ever felt empathy for others? Of course you have, there has sometime or another been a situation that someone has gone through, that we cannot imagine what they must be feeling, but we feel empathy for them. However, Psychic Empath is a deeper empathy for others, instead of imagining what they are going through, psychics can actually feel what they are going through, therefore psychics need to be able to learn to differentiate their emotions, from emotions of others.


The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines “empathy” as: “the action of understanding, being sensitive to and vicariously experiencing the feelings, thoughts, and experience of another without having these feelings, thoughts, and experience communicated in an explicit manner; “


Every day empathy for others, compared to Psychic Empathy differs, for example if a child falls and scraps their knee, we see this, they cry and we can imagine the pain they are going through, that is empathy for that child. An example of psychic empathy would be someone going through a inner pain that noone can see and they hide this very well, however the psychic would know and feel the pain of this particular person, as an ordinary person with no psychic ability when we are told “yes, im fine”,we believe them because we cannot feel their pain as a psychic can.


Some people may say that psychics empathy for others is just them being overly sensitive, or babies. We cannot understand ones feelings, without being able to feel it ourselves. So some may not have empathy for others. Thats the difference, can you imagine not only taking on your own feelings, but feeling the pain of others? PsychicEmpathy is a strong emotion, that not any of us can truly
understand unless put in that situation.