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Psychic Dreams

Psychic Dreams can be a powerful thing! So when we have this kinds of dreams, what do they mean? Do they mean you have psychic abilities?


In our dreams we have the ability to predict the future, we may be able to communicate with another person, and also experience events that have occurred in our lives. At night we become unconscious, and can dream of worlds that we do not even know of, in this world that we enter anyone can be psychic.


There are three types of psychic dreams, and they are very common, precognitive, telepathic, and clairvoyant dreams.


Precognitive dreams are when our dreams have the ability to to predict the future. For example dreaming of winning tickets to your favorite sporting event then in your waking life you actually win those tickets, this is considered precognitive dreams?


Telepathic dreams are the ability to reach another person’s thoughts, for example if you dream of a loved one’s infidelity in your dreams, may just mean they are keeping a secret from you.


Clairvoyant Dreams are where we are physically connected  to an event that is happening. For example dreaming of a tornado and when you wake up you see that there is a tornado going on.