Preventing Bad Company

It is that time again. Summer is ending, which means the holiday season will soon be coming. Your family and friends from near and far visit a lot during this upcoming time of year. Of course you are thrilled to see them when they arrive. But, even two can be a crowd when you are ready for the day to end. Some of us feel our energy being drained in the the company of others, no matter how much we like them- or don’t. When you are ready to get these people to leave your home, there are subtle ways to guide them out, without feeling rude.

Take steps

First, go get your broom. You can put your broom upside down behind the door. This is only step one, and should at least begin the process of them willingly leaving your home. If the guests still refuse to head home at the end of the night, get a fork from your kitchen and place it in the bristles of the broom. If this still does not work, bring out the big guns… or spells. Small spells really. Go into an adjoining room, placing your broom in a way that the handle points toward the company you wish to rid yourself of. Say the following chant, “Get thee hence beyond my door, For I am weary to the core.”

When all else fails Salt

If these pesky visitors are still hanging around, and they have removed their shoes at the door, casually sprinkle a dash of salt in their shoes. If the shoes are still on their feet, this could still work as they will simply think you are an odd person, throwing salt on people in your home.

If all else fails, and these people are still in your home, there is one more option. Ask them to leave, explaining you enjoy their company, but your bed would enjoy your company very much right now.



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