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Preparing For A Psychic Reading

psychic readingPsychic Reading Preparation

Just as a spiritual advisor prepares for a psychic reading by clearing their mind and meditating, callers should get ready prepare before the event. To get the most out of your reading here are several tips for preparing for a psychic reading:

1. Think about what you would like to learn during your reading.  You should write down questions that you would like to have answered.  By writing down the questions, you can have a focal point for the reading.  You should leave space between each question so you can take notes during the reading.  Sometimes information will not make sense at the time, but later when you have time to reflect on the reading the meaning will come to light.

2. Callers should take at least 15 minutes before your reading and find a quiet place to sit and clear your mind.  You should concentrate on positive thoughts.  You should re-read the questions that you would like answered.  When a caller puts out positive energy, it is easier for the psychic advisor to pick up on that energy and give you a clearer reading.  Please try to be relaxed for your reading.  When you are relaxed you have more positive energy flowing.

3. Once you have meditated, are relaxed and you have positive energy flowing, you should try to visualize the person, object or life event that you would like the psychic advisor to focus on during your reading.  If you have a keepsake from the loved one you wish to connect with, hold it during the reading.

4. When you are ready for your reading, find a quiet place where there are no distractions.  This way you and your psychic will be able to concentrate on the task at hand.  If at all possible, use a land line and not a cell phone for your psychic reading. If a cell phone is all you have, please make sure you are somewhere where you have good reception. A dropped call can cause you to lose the focus and positive energy that you achieved during your preparation, and also could affect the advisor being able to provide you with the best reading possible.

5. Last but not least, relax and enjoy your reading.

Note: By keeping in mind the following tips, you will have a positive and entertaining experience. Always remember, psychic readings are for entertainment purposes only. Even though you want an accurate reading, you should not provide your personal email address, phone number, billing information, or social security number to the spiritual advisor over the phone. In fact, keeps all your personal information, including your phone number and billing address, private and does not share it with any  advisor. You should also always be weary of those who ask for too much personal information, or for additional payments to be sent privately through the mail or Western Union.