Preparing a candle for spiritual work

Before using a candle in your spiritual work there are a few things you should do. These things can be done whether you are using the candle personally or giving it as a gift to a loved one.

Choosing a candle

It is important to choose a candle that is right for the occasion just as with any other tools you select. For example a small taper candle will not be appropriate for long burning needs. In that instance you would want a pillar candle in a glass casing.

Avoid cheap inferior candles that will not burn as well and may pool wax making them harder to light in the future. We suggest starting with a solid blank candle. Then you can decorate and use candle carving tools to inscribe it with words or symbols relevant to the exact work you are doing.

Choosing unscented candles also provides the opportunity to “dress” your candle. This is a process in which you anoint or add essential oils, lending their properties to the occasion.


Cleansing your candle

As with anything else purchased from a store you will want to clean it of any energies it may have absorbed while on display. There are four main ways to cleanse a candle. You can hold the candle over incense or sage smoke. If you don’t have either of those available you can leave it outside overnight in the moonlight.

If you do not live somewhere that leaving something outside would be safe for cleansing consider burying it in sea salt over night or for a full day. If none of those options are right for you you can rub alcohol on it, starting at the bottom and working your way to the top. This isn’t a preferred method for candles encased in glass. No matter which method you choose it is important to always focus on your goal while cleansing.

Blessing your candle

After you have inscribed and anointed your candle, before you place it into storage you may want to consider blessing it. A blessing will not wear off the candle. To bless a candle place it on the table before you, or hold it in your lap. Hold your hands over it with the tips of your thumbs and forefingers touching, creating a diamond shape. Center the diamond over the candle and ask your higher power, or appeal to the universe if you are agnostic, for spiritual blessings. Envision a white stream of energy beaming down through that opening in your hands and flowing into the candle. See the candle soaking that energy in through the entire candle. Once the candle seems to be pulsating and crackling with energy you are done. Each time you are going to light the candle pull the image of it once it was full blessed to mind and retain it until after the wick is lit.



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