A Premonition is a forewarning, of what is coming. Either feeling or dreaming of something that is about to happen, usually something that is negative, although sometimes it could be a positive thing.

Do we all have psychic abilities? Premonitions are so common that all of us at some point or another have had one. For example, have you ever gotten into your car, or someone else’s, and got a horrible feeling that an accident was going to happen, so you hop out and don’t drive, then see on the news, that something bad happened, and you are sitting there like ‘oh I’m glad i didn’t go.’

Or have a dream that something is going to fall onto your kids bed, so you jump out of bed and go get them, and then the ceiling fan falls? These are all premonitions.

So do we all have psychic abilities of some sort? I think so. However, Psychics have premonitions all the time. knowing what is going to happen in the future to each individual they meet. Psychics can predict, or see the future, they know what is in store for each person.

If you are feeling, or dreaming of negative things, always trust your instinct. If you get into a car, and feel its going to crash, get out. If you are dreaming of something happening to your home, don’t ignore it, make the change it needs. Go to a psychic, or talk to one, find out if your premonitions are real.



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