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To the present day, no one has come up with a persuasive experimental design that can unambiguously distinguish between telepathy and clairvoyance….Based on the experimental evidence, it is by no means clear that pure telepathy exists per se, nor is it certain that real-time clairvoyance exists.” The evidence “can all be accommodated by various forms of precognition.”–Dean Radin


Precognition is the knowledge of an event before it happens,
especially a paranormal event. These precognition’s can come in dreams, or in flashes.


This is considered a super power, to be able to tell the future before it actually happens. This is the most reported of all ESP experiences. Although psychics can see what could happen in the future, they may not be able to see the entire picture,they may only see bits and pieces, or just have a feeling, it could be a feeling of danger, or a sense of joy coming into your life.