The Practice of Scrying

Scrying is a practice that allows one to foretell the future utilizing a crystal ball or other reflective object or surface.

Scrying is one process that aids gifted psychics in seeing what is often called ‘psychic visions’.

A medium, for example, can see these visions by looking into a crystal ball, or a shiny black surface, or a scrying mirror.

This method taps into very powerful abilities for psychics and the practice alone can bring about clairvoyance in some. Others have found hidden knowledge and even a portal to another existence.

The practice of scrying includes gazing into a crystal ball allowing the eyes to relax. This practice facilitates the opening of the psychic eye so an advisor can begin to see the psychic visions and information relating to a given reading.


An advisor may transition into a trance-like state in order to solely focus and visualize during a reading or session.

Scrying is said to allow communication with higher realms and the subconscious self.


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