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Past Life Exploration Readings vs Regressions

The belief in reincarnation, or transmigration has existed for over thousands of years. Understanding the past lives of our spirit can be of great value to enhance your current life. Past life knowledge can promote self-worth and understanding, as well as provide the opportunity to rectify past mistakes. It can also add new meaning to current relationships, promote spiritual healing and awakening. How you choose to open the doors to your past lives is as important as the journey itself.

exploring past lives

Past Life Reading

If you are just a bit curious about your past lives, or want deeper insight into ways you’ve been feeling a past life reading may be the best option for you. Past live readings can be performed in numerous ways, so you can chose what you are most comfortable with. The most common readings are done by a clairvoyants using tarot cards to give specific readings. For more broad readings some clairvoyants tap into your higher self to unlock the memories of all your past lives. Some also use the help of their personal spirit guides, while others use astrology.

Past Life Regression

past life regression

Past life regression on the other hand is unmediated revelation though hypnosis, usually assisted by a regression therapist, however requires the person being hypnotized or perceive the memories and depends on their level of awareness and open-mindedness. Past life regression can provide a much deeper understanding of past lives and patterns of one’s self through each different life.

Discovering your past lives is a fascinating way to understand who you are on a soul deep level. Whether you choose to explore your soul record of your past lives through mediation, past live readings, or regression the experience can be life altering. You will need to learn both how to access past-life memories and selectively apply the ones that will most enrich your current journey through your present incarnation.