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Parent & Child Astrology

Parent & Child Astrology: Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius

parent & child astrology

In this blog we are going to look at the compatibility of the Libra parent/child, the Scorpio parent/child and the Sagittarius parent/child.

libra parent and child

The Libra parent/child duo is a study in peace-making and harmony. They both feel uncomfortable with strife and arguments. They try endlessly to get people to get along.

These people are kind and polite and often worry about hurting other people’s feelings. On the other hand Libras can be very indecisive so it is important to develop a sense of balance and consistency.

The most compatible mother for the Libra child is Gemini or Libra.

The most compatible father for the Libra child is Aquarius or Leo

scorpio parent and child

The Scorpio parent/child is best personified by the saying, “still water runs deep.” Both Scorpio adults and children are very strong-willed and intense. The object here is to channel this passionate energy into interests that benefits themselves and others. Finding balance in life is the journey of these loving and complicated people.

The most compatible mother for the Scorpio child is Scorpio or Virgo

The most compatible father for the Scorpio child is Pisces or Cancer

sagittarius parent and child

The Sagittarius parent/child is a team of adventurers. They love traveling and enjoying life through experience. Sagittarians are optimistic and love their freedom. The Sagittarius child has tons of energy, so sports are a natural outlet. One draw back with Sagittarius is they often think that they have all the answers. They must be careful not to become judgmental and self-righteous.

The most compatible mother for the Sagittarius child is Sagittarius or Libra.

The most compatible father for the Sagittarius child is Aries or Leo.

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  1. Now this is something I never thought to learn about very interesting. If I had read something like this may be perhaps it would of changed or helped me understand my parents and their needs or what is behind the meaning of their signs.

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