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Parent Child Astrology

Parent & Child Astrology: Cancer, Leo, Virgo

parent child astrology

In this blog we are going to look at the compatibility of the Cancer parent/child, the Leo parent/child and the Virgo parent/child.

cancer parent child astrology

The Cancer parent/child is a match made in heaven. They are both sensitive and compassionate. They have healthy imaginations and prefer being home in a loving environment. One drawback is deception. Cancers are clever and can sometimes deceive to get their way.

Compatible mother for the Cancer child is Pisces or Cancer

Compatible father for the Cancer child is Scorpio or Taurus

leo parent child astrology

The Leo parent/child is a dynamic duo. Both seek leadership and attention while being extremely warm and affectionate. Leo parents can be too generous and spoil their children while Leo children crave attention and approval.

Compatible mother for the Leo child is Leo or Pisces

Compatible father for the Leo child is Sagittarius or Aries

virgo parent child astrology

The Virgo parent/child is a study in common sense and order. They like everything in its place. These Virgos take their responsibilities seriously. The Virgo child can be really hard on themselves in search of perfection. The Virgo parent must show their child to relax and enjoy life.

Compatible mother for the Virgo child is Virgo or Libra

Compatible father for the Virgo child is Taurus or Capricorn

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  1. I like this very helpful and give a really good understanding of a relationship between a parent and child. This makes the point of when you think you know something there is always a bit more to be learned.

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